Business NETVIGATOR Broadband Service

PCCW Business NETVIGATOR broadband Internet access guarantees reliability and security, which are essential to the safe and smooth running of your business. Add great bandwidth and you’re assured of unparalleled access to the World Wide Web!

Built in redundancy and diverse paths ensure 99.9% availability.

Dual Network Operating Centers, resilience links and dedicated platforms for different services.

Multi-dimensional protection from security systems at both customer network and broadband network levels.

Block hackers from entering and corrupting your network and system by installing a firewall.

Anti-virus Email Scanning
Automatically updates virus codes every hour and scans all incoming and outgoing email for the latest threats.

Anti-spam Filtering
Shield networks and systems integrity from spamming emails, boosting the effectiveness of your daily business communications.

PC Anti-virus
Filter viruses from file transfer, daily emails and other online communication channels.
PC Anti-spyware
Effectively locate and eliminate spywares that trace and record your online activities, and steal
confidential corporate data.
Virtual Email Server Service

The bigger your business becomes, the more complex and costly your data and email system management needs will be. Business NETVIGATOR has introduced Virtual Email Server service to ease the business of email management without need for additional investment. Virtual Email Server gives you total flexibility in managing the number and storage size of individual email accounts.

Customers enjoy multiple benefits when using Virtual Email Server Service:
Easy to manage

Flexible resources allocation

Cost effectiveness

Wireless Secure Broadband Service

Feel tethered at work? Free yourself with Wireless Secure Broadband Service to enjoy the following benefits:

Online access anytime, anywhere for added convenience

No re-wiring necessary, so you can relocate computers with ease

One-stop installation, with 24-hour technical service support

WPA international Wi-Fi security standard for secure broadband service

Full protection with 5 tools to protect you from unwanted intruders

Business NETVIGATOR's all-inclusive Wireless Secure Broadband Service - from pre-sales consultation to
maintenance - liberates business operations with in-house freedom and convenience.