Business Registration
The first thing to do is name your company and complete your business registration. Before doing so, ensure your company name is not already registered by checking the Companies Registry in Hong Kong. This should be done before you go to the Inland Revenue office to register your business, which must be completed within one month of
setting up.
Licenses & Trademarks
You’ll need to get a license for every area of business you plan to get involved in. Information relating to the type of licenses you need is available online at government sites to make this easier for you. You should also think about copyright protection for intellectual property, including your trademark, any patent you might own and other rights.
Location, location, location
Think about your business needs and nature when you choosing an office location. Are you where your customers are? Do you have good communications access? Will the electricity supply be stable? Are the premises up to fire department standard? Can you expand your working area when you need to add a company secretary or a finance department? If you have not yet found an appropriate location, exploring the possibility of using a business center might be a good idea. Most business centers provide a secretarial service and office rental service and can be a flexible way to start your business. Good location helps people to find you and good infrastructure allows you to install the optimum office equipment to keep you communicating effectively with your customers.

Human Resources

The most important asset a company can have is its people. Finding the right employees can be the most important decision you will make. Useful sources of recruitment can include personal contacts, newspapers, employment and government sites, as well as specialist agencies. If particular skills are needed, it might be wise to arrange a skills test before you interview.

Once you’ve recruited the right person, aim to provide them with the optimum tools to make them effective. From computers to Internet access to telephone systems, down to basic office supplies - providing your employees with the right equipment goes a long way towards nurturing productive staff.
If most people in your type of business advertise to bring in customers, you should do the same. But don't plan on making a big splash with one large ad. Plan smaller ads, either using the Internet or in the newspapers your competitors advertise in to run over the long term.  Repetition will build name recognition.
SME Capital Raising
More and more people are starting their own business and becoming SMEs. The rise of SMEs as an influence on the Hong Kong economy has been recognized and many government institutions and banks are meeting the need to provide support in the form of SME start-up kits and SME loans to help them get off the ground. Check online business directories and talk to banks to obtain the financial support you need. Once you have your finances in order, you’ll need to manage your accounts to ensure your tax situation is in order.
Office Administration
This can be surprisingly time consuming. That’s why you need to consolidate office demands into packages to help you optimize your time management. PCCW’s Business Starter Package is a great example of this, bringing answers to all your communications needs into one cohesive package.
Customer Relationships
Keep communicating! Customers love to be loved and there’s no better way to express that than through continuous communication. Even if you have no obvious reason to call, you can send news relating to their business, or call to discuss potential new areas of co-operation. Get close to your customers – and stay close.