PCCW Convergence

PCCW Convergence empowers you to seize every business opportunity by offering a single interface for simple management of calls and messages, including fax and conference calls. You can also enjoy mobility by accessing all the above via your “active phone” even when you’re not in the office. PCCW Convergence helps you stay on top of business communications anytime, anywhere.

Convenient and efficient
Receive faxes anywhere and forward with ease

Professional and confidential
Dedicated fax number, promoting professional image
Reduce operational costs and remain environmental friendly
Digital format, easy filtering and storage

Reliable and secure
Automatic copies kept for records, preventing inadvertent deletion of important voicemails

Easy search facility, with forwarding capability, as convenient as email
Efficient and professional
Voicemail can be viewed onscreen, enabling you to respond according to order of importance
instead of chronological order